You may be wondering what to expect when you come for the first time... 

First time visits can always be a bit intimidating. 

At the Vineyard, we do our best to make every guest feel welcome. Our desire is that you would find community and connect with God in your own way! 

We start out our weekend services with a time of worship music & singing for about a half hour. During this time, people may share a personal story of what God has done, or what they feel like God is speaking to them. We will have a brief moment to share updates on what is happening within our community in order to keep you up to date on events happening at the church. We also have a time of teaching based on God's word (also known as the Bible). We use this book to teach, instruct, & encourage each other into good works that will draw us closer to Jesus and have an impact on the Lakes Region.

At the end of each service, we have times of prayer where we will offer to pray for anyone who is in need. We believe that when we pray, God hears our prayers!

We want to invite you to come and see what God is doing in person! If you aren't able to be with us, you can also check out our Sunday services on Facebook