New here?

So you're wondering what to expect when you come for the first time... First time visits can always be a little awkward. At the Vineyard, we do our best to make every guest feel welcome! Don't be surprised if you find that people genuinely want to get to know you. We are people who are motivated by the love of Christ, and are looking to draw people into community and get connected with God! We encourage people to engage in conversation that will bring each other closer together and develop healthy relationships. 

We start out our weekend services with a time of worship for about 35 minutes. We have a worship band that leads us in praising God! During this time, we encourage all people to participate in worshipping the Lord together. After our time of worship, we will have a take a brief moment to share updates on what is happening within our community. At this time, we also have a time of teaching based on God's word. We use the Bible to teach, instruct, exhort & encourage each other into good works that will draw us closer to Jesus and have an impact in our lives. (note: Kids Church- ages 0-12 shuts down for July/August). 

Do you know that God listens? At the end of each service, we have times of prayer where we will offer prayer for anyone who is in need. We believe that when we pray, Jesus hears our prayers- whether it is prayer for something emotional, physical, spiritual or financial, we will come along side you and pray with you. We hope that this helps you in knowing what to expect when you come and visit us.

Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement: “By Keeping Christ at the center of Life we actively seek to reach the Lakes Region area of NH, and beyond, with the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ; to worship and adore Him with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength; to train and prepare God’s people for the works of service so that the Body of Christ will become a caring, creative, loving, healing, Spirit empowered community of believers committed to ministering the Grace and Kindness of Jesus Christ freely to all who come.” Our Values: There is a distinct feel to all Vineyard Churches. These values and motivations don't necessarily make us who we are, but they do help us to understand why we do what we do. Here is what Bert Waggoner, former Vineyard National Director had to say concerning these values: "What difference do these core values make to the life of the Vineyard? They don’t make us different. They simply refine our understanding of who we have always been and bring to the surface what really is distinctive about the Vineyard—what is at the center of our centered-set movement. They are not new values; they have always been who we are. We must nurture these core values so that they continue to be evident in every Vineyard church. These values give us the reason for our existence. They will not change. As we have defined them, they apply to all our churches in all their diversity and will endure as the Vineyard grows.






For further detail on our beliefs & values, click *here* to view the sample PDF document provided by Vineyard USA